In 2002 born a micro enterprise in the city of Guimarães. Believing that could add more value to the hairdressing and beauty sector and its availability and dynamism Henrique Perpétua (HP) starts its journey selling well-known brands in the Portuguese market.

With the philosophy of transforming ideas into reality and not being satisfied with the work, HP in 2004 realizes the idea of representing Portugal in a brand’s unique character. Then, the following year, the first international alliance is born.
In 2009 and with a history of recognition in his luggage, HP prepares a turn, changing the name of your company’s name personal name for Perpétua Professional. In his view was “eliminated” the regional name, thus giving the possibility of a new national projection.

Henry Perpetual not resigned and continued to fight for what we always believed, would be in its growth path, the production of cosmetics.
In 2012 and already recognized the value with the own-brand cosmetics which plainly see , names like : Styling Curl ; Ultra Keratin ; Platinum Shampoo , Keratin Therapy ; Silk Mask , Shampoo SEA among others . The latter was and still is considered unanimously as the best dandruff shampoo ever!

During this year, 2013, and with stable own brands and a number of exclusive representations and strong growth, HP changes the name of his company again, comes a new name, a more current picture to follow the line of the great international names, and calling it from now on as “HFP group”.



– Shipping / Delivery
– Professional Support
– Custom Monitoring


Environmental / Social Responsibility
One of the secrets of success of HFP group lies in the quality of its human resources, so we bet on qualification, motivation and recognition of our employees by investing in better working conditions as well as some social benefits. In the context of its integration into the community, the HFP group holds, supports and sponsors initiatives of educational, cultural and environmental character. The policy of social / environmental responsibility of the group also reflected in investment in its facilities and represents an important step towards the company’s projection.
Define the purpose and intention of the company , monitor, guide and evaluate employees ( at all levels ) in the decision- making process;
Promote a closer relationship between customers , suppliers and other partners;
Generate momentum and create values.
Change, innovation, quality, respect, closeness, honesty and rigor.
We value quality in everything we do.
We seriously respond to the needs expressed by customers.
We want to ensure an open, transparent and trusting relationship.
For a continuous improvement and satisfaction too.